God-Incidents: Real Life Stories to Restore Your Faith by Rev. Dr. Glenn M. Wagner invites persons who are struggling with belief to reconsider God. Wagner offers honesty, empathy, and inspiration from four decades of global pastoral experience. He shares many different ways that God is made known so that persons who doubt God and those who seek to help them may find new perspectives for living.

The book comes with a forward by United Methodist Bishop Sharon Rader, supportive endorsements, a brief author bio, and is designed with course outlines so it can also be used for study groups of varying lengths. Discussion questions for each chapter are offered at the end of the book. Chapter themes are highlighted with engaging photos with graphic design by Ann Rhodes-Riebe.

Wagner shares life shaping events that have helped him to deepen his understanding of God including the inspirational story of his special-needs sister, Jane. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book supports Lambs Farm in Libertyville, Illinois, a world-class community for special-needs adults that has been Jane’s home for over thirty years.

Chapters cover different facets of God by examining topics such as defining God-incidents, miracles, creation, prayer, dreams, places to discover God, ways to discover God, what to do when God seems absent, dealing with disappointment and doubt, discovering God in community, and more. Learn about God in unexpected events like the sale of an antique slot-machine, an emergency room reconciliation, and a road-side rescue by a beer keg toting and pistol packing biker.