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Glenn Maris Wagner has been a United Methodist pastor, husband, and community leader for 40 years. He is a father of two and friend to many. He has lived, traveled, served, pastored, and studied in America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. His core value for ministry, based on the love of God, is “In God’s math, everybody counts.” Glenn is a certified clergy coach and has organized leadership training events to develop leaders for small groups in the church. He has worked hard to build bridges of understanding and respect across religious, racial, ethnic, political, gender, educational and economic divides that separate the human family. He is an accomplished story teller and currently retired December 31, 2016 as pastor of United Methodist Church of the Dunes in Grand Haven, Michigan. Glenn has a passion to listen and learn, both from persons of authentic faith as well as those who have established doubt. God Incidents: Real-Life Stories to Strengthen and Restore Your Faith is the life changing fruit of Glenn’s learning.

From the very first page, “God-Incidents” made me think about my own life and faith. It made me feel, question, remember, re-examine and look within.
Susan Harrison-Wolffis
retired columnist for M-Live

Glenn Wagner’s “God-Incidents” articulates clearly, lovingly, and directly the basic teachings of Christianity.
Dr. William Reynolds
Dean for the Arts and Humanities at Hope College

Dr. Wagner has written a personal, compelling account of “God incidents” that will deeply move the reader. This book brings theology and spirituality together in a way that motivates us to stay open to divine activity in the everyday. An inspiring read.
Dr. Doug Wingeier
Emeritus Professor of Practical Theology, GETS

Glenn Wagner’s God Incidents could not be more timely. Growing numbers of Americans tell researchers they either don’t believe God exists, or aren’t sure. The inspiring biblical and contemporary stories offer a compelling, hopeful and welcome Christian response.
Gunnar Carlson
former newspaper editor and retired United Methodist pastor

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